Beware of fraud sellers like prerna nahar

Hi all, I know we all want to buy a good descent bike for ourselves.Just like everybody I also wanted to buy one and came across a btwin roadie on cyclop. I send an enquiry and lady on another end name (prerna nahar) was quite helpful initially. As price listed was for 35k she said tht it is little bit negotiable so I asked her wht is the best she can do on price. I was shocked she said 45k as it was by mistake listed I sa id see if she can do something on it and she came back with 46 k. So I asked her how come when she chngd it to 45 she said listing is now been updated and this is the best she can do ,and started thn offering other alternatives. Though mind it there so called website SYCLES. CO was still reflecting same price and was even accepting payment even after 1 hrs. So I sensed something fishy is going on.

So guys pls don't trust or buy anything from these guys PRERNA NEHAR


New/Used: Used
City: Gurgaon
Brand: Bamboochi
Roadbike Size(cm): 60
MRP of item: 0
Buyer Savings: 0
Listing created Jul 23, 2021

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prerna NAHAR

6 months ago

Hello Mr. Anuj

I have already apologized for the mismatch in pricing and calling anyone fraud without any payment is not a good sign of manhood .

Since you are classifying me as a fraudulent dealer I would request you to show publicly any kind of payment receipt you have made against any bike/s to me.

And since you haven't given me a single penny how can you go and say I am a fraud .

What you are seeing above is just a mistake .Since I got lots of products from my partner and I mistakenly swapped prices of 2 products .

And I made that clear with you and apologized for that right from start. See your own response on WA message.

And I think such kind of mistake can happen to anybody and why make such a big issue out of it and go on calling people as fraud without giving a second thought .


If we had closed the deal and you'd had fully paid 35k and then if I increase the price to 45k that would be a pure fraud .But there was no payment and deal .

So please stop making big issues out of small mistakes and spoiling genuine sellers name and let us flourish in entrepreneurship and add value to genuine cyclist of our community.



Anuj Thukral

6 months ago

Well prerna the price of the bike was increased after everything was finalised and when I said I am ready to pay just chl if there is any negotiation u can do on same . It was then only u changed the price to 45 k and when is said ok pls chk if u can do something on same and u told be after putting me in hold for 5-7 mins that sorry price is 46k now .which seems like u were just trying to increase ur pofit /commission .So technically speaking the prices that u guys show on ur website SYCLES. Co seems to only lure customers and once thy r ready for xyz amount all u need to do is to increase by 10-15k which most of times I think works for u .

Also be advises u told me tht its was 5-6 months old setup however I checked on decathalin thy stopped producing 520 around year 2018.AGAIN WRONG INFORMATION provided.

Also it's not amature ish to share ur experience with other cyclists/buyers who want a good bike at reasonable price. All we want information getting displayed is correct and accurate which u failed to provide.

So to me it's a fraud selling and ur big time fraudster.

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