Information about Indian Cycling Marketplace

How it works

How it works

This is a place to sell pre-owned and new bikes and gear.

Marketplace Etiquette
When Cyclop was started, it was for buying and selling among friends. The marketplace intends to keep that vibe going. Hard negotiations are welcome. Buyers and sellers may disagree about the value of a deal, but respect must be maintained at all times. Name-calling, personal remarks and such will lead to account deletion.

Adding a Listing
You can add any number of listings for free. All listings must be related to cycling. In-depth information and high quality images make a great listing. Also include information about you, and how you’d like to proceed; give good pickup times or tell if you will ship. Also tell if you are giving away any free accessories.

Setting the price
You are free to sell at any price you like. You may mention that the price is negotiable of fixed. You may also mention that the item will be sold to the person who offers the best price; it is not necessary to sell on a first come, first serve basis.

Buying an item
Browse through the listings to find the cycle or item you want to buy. Check for the item being counterfeit; we do not endorse the selling of fakes or duplicates. Watch out for words like first copy, duplicate, China made, Taiwan made. Feel free to post the link to the sale on the Cyclop facebook group and ask for members’ opinion. Follow the safety guidelines of Cyclop, and go ahead!

CYCLOP Escrow and Shipping Services
we recently partnered with Fedex to provide all India shipping support to buyers and sellers. contact us here to get help with shipping and secure payment transfer via CYCLOP

Safety Guidelines of Cyclop

·     The safest way to deal in locally, face to face.

·      Don’t send payment to people you are not 100% sure about.

·      Check the buyer/seller online – fb and linkedin profiles. Check if they have family photos, photos with friends or if they have sketchy details and a profile photo of a celebrity or an object.

·      Check for mutual friends.

·      Ask for references or friends who can vouch for them.

·      Meet at a place like the seller’s house or shop.

·      Buyer/ seller should be retraceable.

·      Check if the item is counterfeit or not.

·      Ask for Cyclop members’ advice on the Cyclop fb group.

·      Do not visit suspicious locations alone. Take a friend.

·      Don’t buy an item that is shown using a stock image or Google image. Ask for an actual image.

·      Ask for the item’s receipt; the seller may have it. Or ask the seller where he bought the item, at which shop.

·      Never give your personal or financial information online.

·      Avoid doing deals that can be abandoned halfway like item shipped and money not sent or money sent or vice versa.

·      If the price is too good to be true, double investigate or ask on the Cyclop fb group.

Ending the sale
Your sale will stay live for 3 months. If your sale is closed before that "close" your sale in your profile and avoid buyers still reaching out to you. Do take a photo of the success of your sale, of you handing the item to the buyer and share on the Cyclop fb group. We will be very very delighted to see this moment of success towards which this whole effort has been made :)

Expanding the marketplace
Share the link to the cyclop marketplace in your cycling group, and grow it in your city or region. This way you will have more buying options and also more buyers from your area looking at an item you may be selling!

Reporting a listing
We highly welcome our member's support in keeping Cyclop free of fraudulent or spammy listings. See anything you find suspicious? Report by emailing your concerns and the link to the listing to [email protected]

Cyclop’s fee
Zero. Cyclop charges you Rs.0 for selling and buying on this platform. 

Staying in the community
The admin strives to keep up the quality of this marketplace. To maintain this any seller who does the following will be deleted/blocked without intimation –
Creates a profile without enough info i.e with a fake looking name, profile pic that does not show the user’s face, a profile where basic information about the user is not given.
Uses abusive language on the platform
Is reported by members for spamming
Creates irrelevant listings i.e not related to cycling
Lists low quality items
Lists items that appear counterfeit