Information about Indian Cycling Marketplace


Cyclop Marketplace

Cyclop was created in 2012 by an avid cyclist whose sole goal was to create a platform where all cyclists can benefit from a shared passion! While one cyclist sold off his bike to upgrade to a better one, another cyclist could buy the bike and begin his cycling journey!

The platform exploded to more than buying and selling and is now the biggest community for cyclists in India, used for tips, advice, recommendations and planning rides. Through all the this, the Cyclop team has put the cyclist first, and stays true to helping him find the best deals on pre-owed as well as new items. The cyclist can find absolute transparency on Cyclop and the support of other cyclist in making purchase decisions.

Hope you find what you are looking for, and if you don’t email us! We deeply value all inputs from cyclists towards co-developing the community.

Happy riding,
Malvika, Neeraj and all the Cyclop supporters